Ken Au
CVRS Member

Hello Bob and Eric,
I have bought this exact radio, 1933-34 Rogers 403/903 Chassis R371 radio from last month’s CVRS swap meet in Burnaby.I was able to test 2 of the 3 tubes inside and had good readings.
I can’t find the settings to test the 6G7S with my Knight 600B tester, so I will go ahead to do restoration assuming that it is still good. Upon checking the schematic, I am confused about the pin connections of the 6G7S. For a 7 pin tube, It is a rule that pin 1 and 7, which are the bigger diameter pins are the heaters. But in the schematic, Pin 7 is one of the two plates of the full wave rectifier ? I can’t find any information on the internet about this tube. A diagram of the tube would be helpful. Your help is very much appreciated.