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It’s a nice find because telefunken stereo amps are hard to find and old stereo tube amps are sought after. I can’t reflect on what its actually worth but there are some who pay nutty prices or old stereo tube gear so you do have something special. for the most part we , as “old radio nuts” restore older pieces but there are always some around hoping to find certain audio tubes. in some cases old radios are stripped for their tubes, or certain audio output tubes becoime valuable as the tube amp crowd wants them to build stereos and old radio collectors need them for restorations. this can sometimes cause animosity, 1970 is late in the game for tube audio. by then the Japanese pretty much had the American market on it’s knees as they had further advanced assembly techniques and use of transistors. Some feel that the older tubes made a more pleasing audio quality than the transistors. Most of us here are old radio restorers and collectors so high quality audio is of course recognized but ( in general) old US made radios usually did not have the audio quality that the Europeans achieved. The US radios were more repairable with not many circuit boards or brittle parts. The Europeans got into making circuit boards from ’65 or thereabouts and you’ll find lots of telephunken and similar looking radios with FM and usually a row of push button selectors across the front. youll find lots of these “pianno key” radios but tube amps like that one are sought after. same crowd that wants to play LP’s rather than digital CD’s etc. The audio is different. the transistor may have had good curves but what sound is pleasing to the human ear leads to all sorts of undefinable terms like it sounds “sweeter”
thats why it’s special.. Yes that price might be a dream price, I can’t say much on that.