Steve Dow
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It is a battery radio, so fire hazard is minimal. The underside looks clean. You might take note
of the white coating on the inside of the radio and treat it with care until you know exactly what it
composed of.

If you obtain a power supply to operate the radio, check that it
CSA approved as this will be your fire hazard protection.

This radio needs an antenna. If outdoors, lightning protection
is needed.

With the battery cable rewiring, extreme attention is needed because the tubes
can be easily burned out if the A and B circuits are crossed.

I assume you have the RCC (Radio College of Canada) service data.

If you do want the data from the Marconi service manual, I have it
and can email pages gratis.

I am looking at models 148/149 pages as I type this.

You radio has also a single short wave band, the 31 meter band.

Steve Dow