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I have the intercoms. same case design as the “rainbow” model one is a base station and I think I have two of the slave stations as well. They are not radios but obviously they are rare and have some nostalgic appeal. I’m open to discuss offers or trades, they are all brown Bakelite. The base station has a switch so you can select one of the base stations and have two way communications by pressing the paddle switch to talk. I’ve yet to test them. Ive also got lots of new old stock propellers for anyone who needs one. some have a pointer and others have a little propeller used as the pointer. also Ive got some of the bright red dial pointers that were used on some other northern electric “baby champ” models. Ive got a few of the rainbow models. they all have brown knobs. the ones with white knobs were painted but the brown ones always seemed to have brown knobs. I’m not looking to compete with the original post , just thought I’d chime in in case there are any collectors that like to specialize in this brand. maybe someone has all the colors that were available.