John Greenland
CVRS Member


In looking at the full schematic, it seems that the 7Kohm resistor is used in the cathode circuits of some of the tubes.
According to the voltage chart and taking into account the 2 voltages for terminals 3 and 4 one should be able to assume a voltage of about 130 volts across the 7000 ohm resistor.
This much voltage drop will necessitate a 2.5 watt resistor (minimum from calculations).
I would suggest that if the resistor that you have is large enough power wise and the value is OK, but the voltage across it is more than 130 volts or so, then a possible problem might be a shorted cathode to heater in one of the tubes causing an extra current draw thru the 7000 ohm resistor. More current will mean a higher voltage drop and a more heat.

Good luck.
John G.