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here is the schematic for the 101 which is a columair 10. or might be called a WR10
I think the 10 might be the size of the speaker?
I have the columair 10 and I put what chassis I had in it and it wasn’t “quite right” but I made it fit. when I got it it was just the grandfather clock cabinet with the clock and face.

my brother had a shorter version of the columair, there were several varieties so the chassis I have was the one from hois radio. He wanted to make mods to use the cabinet and I cringed but he pulled the chassis so I restored it to make my columair 10 functional and I had to make a new faceplate fit it.

the other might be the WR8 I have two of those that need restoring.

im getting mixed up but the model 80 might be related or that may be the chassis my brother gave me.