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I have a little gizmo that is used to interface a cell phone or MP3 player with my car stereo. it just plugs into the lighter and it has a typical audio jack for the input. and cost was low. would think my device pale in comparison as far as acoustics ? Ive used it before but not for a long time. Ive got a similar device that was used to make car AM radios also play stereo. That one doesn’t broadcast over the air but instead the radio antenna daisy chains through it so I guess it converts the FM audio and sends it into the AM car radio via the antenna cable. In a similar manor you tune the car Am radio into about 800 or so to get the FM signal from the separate little tuner. it’s good for old cars where you wan the look of the old AM radio.

I picked up the Am one used thinking I could use it in my old car as the collector plates dont; allow new sterios. Ive been thinking of just trying to connect it to my AM radios through the antenna in order to play FM over them. I’d like an SStran or something similar but I thought these car radio devices might do the trick. Not sure how great the audio will be though.

I always thought it would be neat if one could separate both channels from the FM signal and then re-broadcast them separately over AM, then one could use two old radios to each play their side of the stereo sound. I have no idea if it is practical but wouldn’t it be neat to get stereo from two old radios?

Im not so technically advanced so my post probably sounds a bit off. This package seems very well thought out, It sure looks professional the way you made the faceplate and box fit so well.