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The crosley D-25’s were all painted. You can repair them using epoxy and bondo . I gave mine a basecoat clearcoat and had paint mixed to match the dark metallic blue color. It wasn’t spot on but looked nice. I’d never tried spraying the clearcoat and it was thick and didnt’ want to flow out. eventually I realized I could just build it up and then sand it and polish it wothout going down into the paint. It took a couple of tries with starting all over again until I realized that in order to fill in the “crosley lettering in gold paint what i had to do is really thin the gold paint so it is almost like water. Then I could let it fill the indent with the lettering by pretty much applying it with a toothpick.

I think I have one crosley that is FM but the armstrong band so I guess that one would receive static now?
I think these radios are good examples of industrial art and I sometimes wonder if I have an art collection because I certainly don’t’ fall in love with them just because of the great AM stations. -) They must have seemed “space age” back in 1952 I love the style, especially the D-25.

I think they have a pretty heavy line cord, and should have , because they can run your toaster too with the plug in.. that’s a neat feature. 😉 you can daisy chain all your radios 😉

I found a philco clock. I was a bit taken aback by it. It isnt’ a radio but a wooden clock made by Philco that has a plug in receptacle to turn your radio on in the morning. I love stuff like that.