Don Henschel
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Judging by the way yours looks I bet they are not as rare as one might think and by that due to the vintage and where they are made this tuner is prob used in many other makes and models? Give me the measurements and perhaps one fellow I know in Saskatchewam might have as he is also into old radios and is a Ham as well. I know I probably have but the pile of boxes including all of my Fathers Heathkit gear leaves me wondering. Actually on a positive side this shouldn’t be that hard to find compared to what I might venture out for, a Loewe Opta Gotland WL with that SCARY but remarkable 3NFL tube. That is a total work of art to say the least. At one glance this set looks like it has 2 tubes but in teairy it has 4. Inside that 3NFL is 3 separate tubes each in their own separate envelopes and let’s not stop there! Also in the same large bottle are capacitors and resistors ALSO in their own envelopes so that the vacuum is not compromised. This was from the early thirties and one can say 80+% of that radio is that 3NFL. A better example which is from the twenties is the OE333 or OE433 where a similar earlier tube is crystal clear so you can see all the critters in there. Simply amazing and it is refered to the first intreregrated circuit ever made. As for that D-25 or as they are refered to as a dashboard radio, they actually fetch a fair dollar on ePain so even if the cabinet needed repair I would say it is still a candidate! Hopefully the Bakelite is one solid color because those Volksempfanger and early SABA I gravitate to have a variation of two colors swirled into the Bakelite not one solid color if they were a solid color blending the repair to the rest with paint or a total repaint would be easy. Ah yes the trouble to go through for a radio with the “verboten Third Reich emblems”! A government gone for almost 80 years and ePain pulls them if you have the Eagle perched on the Swastika displayed or the Reich emblem ink stamp on the Lautschprecher or tubes displayed as well.