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Ive restored a couple of these radios. I think I have several in wait mode. would it be time to pass them along? Ive been out of the loop with Ebay auctions and such. If you’d be interested in taking a few of them on what would be a fair price? I know for sure I have two chartreuse ones, I have a red one that had a chunk missing from the case and thought I might take a mold off one of the good ones then use that to fill in what is missing but Im not sure if they are worth going to that extent. I might have a few more as I can’t seem to pasthem by. I think Ive been collecting then because I like them but how many does one need? I know someone that collected every color and had a whole shelf of the same model. typically the small knobs go missing sometimes the clocks have broken shafts. I had one with a bad IF transformer I think it was silver mica disease. I swapped one from another radio. I doubt if i have any where the gold plating is 100 percent perfect but Ive always liked the style of them. I think I have two or three other crosleys with interesting designs from the same period. I might have too many radios 😉
Phil in BC