Les Dickson
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Thanks Don. The fellow selling his business on kijiji has been trying to do so for a couple of years. I got an old RCA 641 from him, but he was asking a lot for other items I made an offer on – some old tubes – so I declined. I should visit him again to see if prices have come down. I think he wants to sell it all as one, not that interested in piece by piece.
When I took a closer look at the tuning capacitor that has the missing blades I discovered that the shaft does not appear to be aligned with the bearings at the back end. As you can see in the attached photos the shaft does not appear to be properly aligned. I’ll need to pull it out and see if it can be fixed. I suspect I will need to get another capacitor to replace it. The blades are missing from the antenna side and the oscillator side so it looks like it’s suffered a serious blow at some time.

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