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We received the following information from Rob Berry, the son of Lawrence Berry, a previous member of the CVRS in Ontario.

“Here is an update about the auction sale planned for my father's entire inventory of vintage radios. The auction itself will be held by an Estate Auction Company called MAXSOLD, and anyone searching to locate the sale will find it at 153 FLORENCE STREET , KINGSTON ONTARIO. The auction will open Monday November 12th, and close Wednesday November 21, with a pickup date scheduled for Saturday November 24th. There are approximately 60-70 wooden, approximately 90-100 Plastic, Bakelite, Leather, Metal radios, as well as boxes of various tubes, capacitors, testing and restoration equipment. There are various ages, and models, some common, and some very unique rare opportunities. Please invite all members to enjoy Dad's personnel collection.”

Good luck to any of you able to attend or participate in this auction!



The Fall 2018 edition of the CVRS newsletter "Canadian Vintage Radios" is now available to CVRS members. After signing into the website, you can click on this link to the CURRENT ISSUE where you can download it.

As per the Notices sent to all Members in good standing, the 2018 AGM of the Canadian Vintage Radio Society was held by teleconference at 4:00 EDT (1:00pm PDT) on Sunday, September 9, 2018. The Minutes of the 2018 AGM can be viewed here.

In summary:

- The Agenda, as issued to Members, was accepted with two additional items added under Other Business.

- Minutes of the 2017 AGM were approved.

- The President, Gerry O’Hara gave a report on activities and status of the CVRS over the past year, which can be viewed here.

- The Treasurer (Don White) presented the Financial Statements and provided clarifications when requested. The Financial Statements were provided to Members in the 2018 CVRS AGM Notice and Information and were accepted as presented. It was agreed that the Treasurer should allocate yearly amounts within the budget for future upgrades to the Website in addition to the yearly maintenance costs. Don White will continue as Treasurer for the coming year, with Gary Albach as reviewer and alternate.

- The slate of nominees as presented by the Board (Gary Albach, Gerry O’Hara, Gerry Shand and Don White) were accepted. No other nominations were put forward. The Board members will form the Executive for the coming year, the Officers being Gerry O’Hara (President), Gary Albach (Secretary) and Don White (Treasurer). Gerry O’Hara will represent the BC Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, Gerry Shand will represent Alberta, and Gary Albach members at large. Don White expressed a desire to be excused from the executive decisions and initiatives, and thus only undertake his duties as Treasurer, and to run membership services and the schematic service.

- A report on National Membership was presented by Don White. A summary of membership over the past five years was also included in the 2018 CVRS AGM Notice and Information. There are currently 184 paid-up Members, including 10 in the US. This is a marginal increase from the previous year.

- A report on the Alberta Tube Bank project was presented by Gerry Shand. It was noted that the Alberta Chapter in Edmonton had received donations of two tube collections.

- A report on the current fee structure and future considerations was presented by Gerry O’Hara. Following discussion on the imperative to increase fees for the first time in over a decade, and review of the cost breakdown of providing members services and a projection of future needs, a motion was passed to increase annual subscription rates starting January 2019 to $20 per annum for Members receiving the Newsletter in PDF format, and to $45 ($20 + $25 to cover materials, printing and postage) per annum for Members receiving paper copies of the Newsletter by mail.

- The discount membership program for affiliated clubs across Canada is to continue for at least the next year. A discussion was held on best practices observed in other, similar, societies around the world, in particular the Historical Radio Society of Australia, who have over 1,000 members. It was acknowledged that successful volunteer organizations rely on the dedication of a few passionate individuals to keep things running, provide the services offered to Members, and identifying/implementing initiatives, and that there is thus a need to encourage Members to participate.

We received a notice that may be of interest to some members. The correspondent’s father was involved in ham and vintage radio and his estate has some radio components and test equipment. The auction is being held in Etobicoke, ON, from now until Sept 7. If you are interested, check out Lots 449 - 456. Happy bidding!

Notice of the 2018 CVRS AGM, toll-free conference phone number, and links to the agenda and relevant documents were sent to members in good standing on August 8, 2018 via email and by mail to members who subscribe to the printed form of the newsletter. If you didn’t receive this email (check your inbox/trash), you can download the notice containing all relevant links and information from our website.

First, sign into the CVRS site with your username and password. Second, using the same browser that you used to sign in, click on this link: 2018 CVRS AGM Notice and Information.

If you did not receive the notice, believe your paid membership is current, AND did not opt out of receiving periodic notices from the CVRS, contact .

Hope to hear you at the AGM, September 9, 2018, 1:00 - 3:00 PM PDT!

PSARA  Aug 19, 2018   Click to expand flyer.

A short while ago, I received an email from Ernst Erb at - as many of you who are members may have done also. Ernst is looking for someone to take over the running of the organization because of his own age and health concerns. Ernst’s email triggered thoughts of an even broader decline: the interest in and knowledge of vintage radio and its preservation.

Declining interest, reflected in active membership, isn’t something new to organizations that focus on some aspect of the “early days.” Amateur radio necessarily went through a metamorphosis, dropping or changing CW requirements, shifting its emphasis, and so on, in order to keep new members signing on. The same shifts are reflected in what are regarded as collectables. Attend any flea market today, compared to even 10 years ago, and the “vintage” radios for sale have moved away from the larger wooden, tube consoles to smaller plastic table-tops, perhaps as a reflection of the changing era of the average buyers childhood.

Which raises questions of our interests in vintage radio, in general, and in the Canadian Vintage Radio Society, in particular. The title of this post applies to both.

This year, the annual AGM is being held September 9, after the summer doldrums, rather than before. As in 2017, this year’s AGM will be held via conference call, with a toll free number for members to use so they can attend and contribute to the discussions. In my view, the most important order of business will be the election of new members to the CVRS Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is where the vision for the organization develops and where the means to put it into action is determined. As such it is where the questions posed above get answered. At stake is nothing less than the future of the CVRS: the direction the organization will take in the future, and the action (or inaction!) that will determine its relevance, vibrancy, and continuance (or its slow decline as older members disappear along with the larger, wooden consoles).

This makes the election of members with a vision to the CVRS Board a vital part of September’s meeting. It also makes it vital that if you have a view of where CVRS support for vintage Canadian electronics should lie, you should consider standing for election as a director. The CVRS needs you for exactly the same reason that you and others interested in vintage electronics need the CVRS - to support our interest.

The reason for this post is to plant a seed, hopefully one that will grow during the summer months in time to bloom next September. Unlike Ernst Erb and the RadioMuseum, the CVRS is not asking for someone to take on the full role of management of the organization. We are simply looking for those who are willing to donate an hour here and there to help steer the CVRS into the future, identify and support initiatives, and ensure its continuing support for everyone with an interest in Canadian (or other) vintage radio and electronics.

Given the ease of connection provided by the Internet, the CVRS now can realize the dream it has had from the beginning: a board and administration that come from every geographical region of its membership. It doesn’t matter where you are located. If you have an Internet connection, and an interest in Canadian vintage electronics, you are qualified to stand as a director.

So think about it. Take July and August and consider becoming a director of the Canadian Vintage Radio Society for the 2018-2019 year. Think about lending your vision, knowledge, and experience to maintain and shape the organization into one that not only serves the interests of other members but also yours. Like every other organization of this nature, the CVRS is only what its members make it.

If you have any questions, please contact either Don White or Gerry O'Hara who would be happy to answer them.